ArcadeVGA 7000

The original version of the Ultimarc ArcadeVGA video card, pictured above, was based on the ATI Radeon 7000 and was an AGP part.
You can get drivers for this model at the end of this page.

The ArcadeVGA 2 was based several different chips:
ATI Radeon 9200 / 9250 AGP
ATI Radeon X550 PCIe
ATI Radeon HD2400 PCIe

The current ArcadeVGA 3000 is based on the Radeon HD 2600 PRO or XT (I'm not sure which).

You can get drivers for the ArcadeVGA 2 and ArcadeVGA 3000 from the Ultimarc website...

You can find copies of the old documentation for the ArcadeVGA by using
Archived versions of ArcadeVGA Information page
Archived versions of ArcadeVGA FAQ page
Archived versions of ArcadeVGA Instruction page

The Ultimarc driver CD that I have is labeled ver 2.1 in the readme file.
It contains drivers for the older ATI Radeon 7000 based version of the ArcadeVGA.
The newest file on the CD is WinIPAC.CAB with a date/time of Monday, April 05, 2004, 8:54:08 AM.


Note: There are no drivers needed for I-PAC, J-PAC boards. You can get these boards installed 
and working without needing any of the files on this CD.

This CD contains:

Programming Utilities:

The WinIPAC IPD Utility is compatible with I-PAC and J-PAC boards that were shipped with this cd.
It is not compatible with older boards (pre-15 Jan 2004) Or the Mini-PAC boards.

The WinIPAC utility is compatible with Mini-PAC and older I-PAC and J-PAC boards.

The Mac utility is only compatible with OS9

ArcadeVGA Drivers and ATI Control Panel. (install drivers first, then panel)

PDF versions of the website installation pages.	

Ultimarc Install CD version 2.1 2004-04-05 08:54:08
self-extracting compressed ISO17.8 MB (18,766,538 bytes)
zip compressed ISO28.7 MB (30,122,458 bytes)
uncompressed ISO35.7 MB (37,453,824 bytes)

If you have other Ultimarc driver/install CDs that I don't have, contact me and we'll try to get an image put up here.

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